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We’d like to position Technobuk as an idea generating unit. We are an energetic team of software solutions experts who are driven to give you the best outputs when it comes to your business needs.

Looking for someone to design your business’ website, software or an app in a time efficient and cost-effective manner? The Technobuk team can be your go to guys!

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Our Services

App Development

We offer end-to-end mobile app solutions for companies that are looking to build their online presence and brand identity on mobile. We give equal importance to aesthetics and functionality. Want to see your own app on the Play Store or the App Store? We can help you meet your market needs by building the app you envision — right from conception and design, to seamless integration and user experience!

Web Development

Our web development services range from creating custom-made company websites to unique interactive web applications and online platforms that meet your business needs. We pay attention to every detail when it comes to building your online presence. We design and develop keeping functionality, aesthetics and user-friendliness in mind while also catering to your back-end data and conversion strategy.

Enterprise Software Development

Do you need a solid software foundation for your business immediately? Are uncoordinated mobile apps and software stressing out your employees and impeding your productivity? We are well-versed with API integration, modernizing legacy systems, and consolidating app portfolios. Our expertise in enterprise software development can solve this for you both within a short span of time and in a cost-efficient manner.

UI/UX Design

Want to build your product with a team that establishes clear design processes, meets deadlines, and delivers spot-on end results? Turn to Technobuk's UI and UX services! Our design team is basically a ‘byte’-sized studio within a software company powerhouse that is made to meet your unique business requirement by building engaging products quickly and efficiently. We compromise on neither aesthetics nor functionality!

Digital Marketing & Analytics

Along with our software solutions, we also offer businesses digital marketing services like marketing automation, email marketing, SEO/SEM solutions, content marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, native advertising and online PR services. We understand the importance of visibility just as much as usability of software applications and websites, and thus help businesses with their analytics on the whole.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

We can transform your ideas into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in just 12 weeks! We cover everything, right from identifying and getting a clear idea of your business needs, selecting the best approach, strategizing design processes, and listing out the features. And we don’t rest until you have a tangible product to show! We also help with all the necessary documentation and Proof of Concept (PoC) so that your product is industry ready.

PoC & Documentation

We also provide Proof of Concept (PoC) design and documentation services among other solutions. We help validate technical feasibility, identify expectations and limitations, and determine the scope and level of customization required to complete the project. Our POC documentation services include User Documentation, Administrator Documentation, API Documentation, SDK Documentation, and Online Help Systems.

Blockchain Development

Create a system that is tamper-proof with our blockchain development services! Distributed ledgers and immutable records are the two key principles that govern blockchain. Due to this, blockchain can be securely and safely applied to aid your business needs like smart contracts, digital ID cards, monetary transactions through networks like BitCoin and Ethereum, and even large network data like health & insurance data.

Our Work Strategy

Understanding your needs

We first try to understand what are your exact requirements and the core idea behind your project. This phase will involve brainstorming on how to go about it where we mutually assess the resources, feasibility and timelines.

Setting up the task force

Once we’ve got the green signal for the project, our team will gear up and find all the necessary resources to get your project up and running. We will then strategize the workflow and keep you updated throughout the development process.


Meeting your target

Once we go headlong into the development stage, there’s no turning back! We are known for meeting deadlines in record time and we aim to keep it that way. We will also provide project support and maintenance services for you.

Payment Milestones

Our pricing policy is pretty straightforward. We offer unique packages as per your business requirement and the service offering that you choose. If you’re interested, you can get in touch with us for more information and we’d be happy to get back!

Email us at: admin@technobuk.com
Whatsapp us at: +91-8197138651

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